oh dear i am let down – not that it is unusual

bloody richomanmond.  the handbaggers have proven they are still in the mix with an easy win over siderknee.  the fuchsias travelled home to launny and delivered the dickers with their second loss on the trot. bloody richomanmond.  the needle boys are still surprising and had a comfortable win over the sainters.  carolton gave mick his first win with them – and in the west at that.  port is another that is still surprising, although it was against the sunny boys.  melbon finally got on the board over kev’s kiddies.  adelsaide also got a win and was up against footerscray.  norf melbon also came up trumps, easily accounting for brisvagas.  bloody richomanmond.

mr frisbee gets the money this week.  closely followed by chitty chitty bang bang.  and professor tim tam in third spot.  all had seven correct tips.

brankertar likes whipped cream on top – oh sorry is still on top cos that is where the cream goes.  well that is what she said cos she likes being on top.  come on, get the thoughts where they should be – on top of the ladder – where were you thinking?  chitty chitty bang bang is closely following in second place.  simply red is third.

How do you know when you’re staying in a Collingwood motel?

When you call the front desk and say, 
” I gotta leak in my sink, and the clerk replies ………
“Go ahead.”

till next week


carn the tiges


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