had a smart title, but can’t remember it….

esserdown get smacked early, but got home over the dickers with a strong second half.  the same with siderknee who had an 11 goal quarter to finally cruse over norf melbon.  melbon put up a fight for a half then fell away to the weevils.  the sainters finally decided to kick their season off by thumping kev’s kids.  the local derby (pronounced dar as in bar not der as in her) saw brisvagas unconvincingly sneak home over the sunny boys.  the handbaggers kept carolton winless – yay.  richomanmond has continued a great start to the year with a cantering win over footerscray.  the fuchsias whipped the dirty stinking rotten mongrel bastard pie team – double yay….  the other local derby (pronounced –  well refer back a couple of sentences cos i am a lazy bastard) saw powerless finally overcome adele’slaid.

we have our first tie for the year – simply red and apocalyptic greenie (a colour thing going on here????) with seven correct tips. noticed they both forgot to tip the first game and with a close margin got it – bloody tin arses. cadaver third with seven correct too.  checking it out, seven got seven correct does that mean something special?  maybe seven divided by seven = one. so that means they all got one so the next in line is miagis-tsu, so he gets the money.  miagi-desu thinks it is fair.

cadaver is now clear on top.  simply red second, and chimney sweep third.  hhmmm we used to indicate that another competitor used to be underhanded to get on top.  looks like we now have another to pick on in such a manner – if cadaver does not watch it, she will be retitled as branker, or should that be brankette????


figure won. collingwood supports yard swing….

a collingwood supporter passed away and left his entire estate to his beloved widow but she can’t touch it until she is 14….

till next week


carn the tiges


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