week 2 and i have to make the most of it…

Richomanmond  is on top of the ladder!!!! Sittin pretty at number one.  Well they were till latye Saturday arvo when the other games had finished.  I think adam was dust or whatever he was made from when richomanmond were 2 zip after two rounds.  Siderknee again did enough to gain a comfortable win.  The dicky dockers burst footerscray’s bubble.  Brisvagas looked like taking the points but were undone in the end by the croaking crows.  Port adialaide had another percentage booster over sheedy’s kids.  Oh dear it looks like melbon is in for a long long season with another belting, this time at the hands of the druggies.  North melbon looked to have the handbaggers’ measure all day but let them sneak in and win at the end.  The dirty rotten stinkingbag of maggots got up – at least it was over carolton.  The fuchsias got their first win with a road trip to west to beat the weagles. 

cadaver gets a bonus point for a perfect round. At least she is a tiger fan.  Hunting walking horse came in second – as long as his team does the same, all is good.  Go seek picks up third. Actually 2nd down to 8th only got one wrong.

Oh dear, miagi-sushi is in conflict.  He used to brown nose to a person with white in their sirname, calling white knight and all that goody goody stuff cos miagi-wa tutored for him.  Once he was free of this, he could be truthful about this whitearse.  But now is back in his employ and the very nice low life fujitop snow cone – what does the poor bastard do?  Anyway, fuji top snow dome sits on top of the ladder – shit. The good looking brittney is second with cadaver third.

welcome this week to magenta.  have to be careful here, don’t want her seeing red….  one has to presume this is another of the clan of white.  just hope the hell magenta is not a pie supporter. but then magenta can’t be – it would be to hard a word for her to comprehend if she was – anything more than black or white gives them headaches

a primary teacher starts a new job at a school in collingwood and, trying to make a good impression on her first day, explains to her class that she is a collingwood fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Collingwood fans.

 everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl.

the teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says: “mary, why didn’t you raise your hand?” “because I’m not a collingwood fan,” she replied.

the teacher, still shocked, asked: “well, if you’re not a collingwood fan, then who are you a fan of?” “i’m a richmond fan, and proud of it,” mary replied. the teacher could not believe her ears.

 “mary, why are you a richmond fan?” my mum and dad were born and raised in richmond, so my mum is a richmond fan and my dad is a richmond fan, and so i’m a richmond fan too!”

 “well,” said the teacher, in an obviously annoyed tone, “that’s no reason for you to be a richmond fan.  you don’t have to be just like your parents all of the time. what if your mum was in jail, your dad was a drug dealer and your brother was a car thief, what would you be then?”

 “then,” mary said, “i’d be a collingwood fan.”

Till next week


Carn the tiges


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